Introducing the Get Pucked Break-Away Practice Hockey Puck

Get Pucked

The idea was invented after Brad Heemeryck and Martin Bayrack were discussing the need to teach their players to be more fluid with the puck after a practice focused on passing was challenging for the players.

Then the magic began with a trip to the “shop” and ended up with a rudimentary, but effective, prototype to work with their players.

The Get Pucked Break-Away Practice Hockey Puck has been honed and perfected to train your hockey player in:

1. The art of passing and receiving a puck with “soft hands” while maintaining
possession of the puck throughout the passing/receiving motion.

2. The ability to stickhandle a puck with “soft hands”; which in effect trains
them to maintain control of the puck. The consequences of being too “rigid” with the puck during a game can mean hockey players lose possession of the puck while stickhandling, after a pass they spend valuable time regaining control of the puck, and passing too hard at the sacrifice of accuracy.

Pass too hard, accept the pass with the wrong technique or “slap” the puck
during stickhandling and the puck breaks! Instant and constant feedback!
Perfect for all ages of players.

Co-inventor Brad Heemeryck grew playing hockey, including countless hours on the outdoor rink and playing road hockey. He still plays mens hockey and has been coaching his son’s minor hockey teams for over 5 years. In the summer he stays busy with his children in their summer sports, and camping , all while playing mens fastpitch. Brad currently owns a small repair business servicing the waste and recycling world.

Co-inventor Martin Bayrack has enjoyed coaching for the Leduc Minor Hockey
Association for over 18yrs with his two boys. Growing up Martin and his brother played hockey were his brother ended up pursuing a career in the sport for over 25yrs. Martin has settled in the residential construction industry where he currently manages a site in south Edmonton, Alberta.

Patent Pending.


Suite 782, 101-5101 50 Avenue
Leduc, AB, T9E 0B9
Martin Phone: +1 (780) 242-7232
Brad Phone: +1 (780) 919-4473
Website: https://getpucked.hockey
Email: info@getpucked.hockey